Friday, June 13, 2014

Sailor Moon Theme

The recent release of the trailer for the new Sailor Moon Crystal got me thinking about a Sailor Moon themed event. There's much that can be played with and I'd love to have the opportunity to do so! Here are my ideas.

The linens can either be colors of all of the sailor scouts or all white. It depends on just how much color you'd like there to be. I've seen very colorful weddings pulled off very nicely. For the centerpiece, use colored water beads inside vases in colors of each of the sailor scouts (or white if the table linens are colored).
Photo Credit: Pinterest
On top of each of the vases will be the corresponding planet to match each of the scouts. I'd like to modify a previous design I've done to simulate a planet.

Photo Credit: Eclectic Photography
I found a couple of different cake toppers, but something like this one below, but designed to look like the couple would be very cute!

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Here are a few examples of what the attire could look like.
Photo Credit: PinterestPhoto Credit: Pinterest
I'd like to see if it's possible to style a bouquet after the Moon Stick, or maybe just use the Moon Stick.
Photo Credit: Pinterest
This would be an amazing event! Stay tuned next week for another theme idea!

Lady Autie aka Autra

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Your Wedding Planner

So many vendors to choose from! How can you possibly settle on just one per category? While I don't have the end-all easy solution to this question, the next few weeks will certainly help clear the fog. Today's post helps you choose a wedding planner/coordinator (though it can apply for any type of event coordinator).

First, decide what you'd like your planner to do for you. Here's a list of what they typically cover:

  • Event Design
  • Day-Of Coordination (coordinate all vendors around 4 weeks before and through the wedding day)
  • Vendor Recommendations
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Emotional Support
If you're a DIY (do-it-yourself) type of person, then you may want a planner who can be a bit more hands off in your planning and simply make recommendations while still relieving you of duty on the wedding day.
On the flip side there are those that can completely take over the planning, only asking you to make decisions (this is still your wedding after all) and providing you with lists of things only you can take care of.

Aside from what a planner can do for you, their personality should also be kept in mind. This also applies to the rest of your vendors, though it's especially applicable to your planner since they will be with you every step of the way in the year or so it takes to plan.
A great way to get a feel for their personality is to check out their blog and social media pages and read a few of their posts. The next step is to meet them in person. Ask questions and engage them in conversation. Make sure your partner likes them too!

If you've been enjoying my posts and are in the market for a Sacramento Wedding Planner, send me an e-mail, or give me a call/text, 916-692-9153.

See you next week!

Lady Autie aka Autra

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday Tip - Now, what's next?

Armed with  your checklist, you may now be wondering what you should be booking first.

A wedding planner is an excellent start! A planner can help you through the entire process, from creating a budget (and helping you stick to it!) to negotiating prices and contracts with your future vendors. They also tap into their network of vendors to help you hire only the best. There are deeper reasons for hiring a planner, but we'll get into that a little later.

Aside from hiring a planner, the first thing you want to secure is your venue. It could determine your date for you if you're flexible. The reason for booking your venue first (and early if you can!) is there are only so many locations to choose from and you want it to match your theme and/or wedding vision as close as possible to minimize the need for decor. Finding an old mansion for a Victorian theme, for example.

For advice on how exactly one should go about researching and booking these vendors, stay tuned in the upcoming weeks as vendors from their corner of the wedding and event industry provide their input.

Lady Autie aka Autra