Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wedding Planning Checklist

Here's your Tuesday Tip on a Wednesday again! Yay, wedding season!

Okay! It's time for an overall view of what should be done when in your wedding planning. You may hear this called your timeline or calendar, or even your checklist. For consistency sake, we'll call it your wedding planning checklist.

The checklist gives a list of most things that should be done to plan your wedding day and honeymoon. It's a wonderful guide for those at a loss for what to do and when.

Here are some important tips:
  • Read the entire list before getting started.
  • If the list seems daunting, hire a wedding planner.
  • Trust your vendors!
    • If your vendor wants to do something (i.e. create your music list) at a different time than what's listed on this checklist, default to the vendor's decision. This is merely a guideline.
If you've been following these Tuesday Tips then you've already checked off a couple items! Near the top of the list there's determining your budget, and starting your guest list.

One thing that tends to be planned near the end (i.e. forgotten) is the officiant. With a checklist, you'll be almost certain not to forget any of the most important steps in the planning process. It's also a good visual for your partner to view.

Next week starts the fun stuff!

Lady Autie aka Autra

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