Thursday, May 8, 2014

Theme Thursday - With You, May the Fourth Be

Yay, Theme Thursday! For today, we're going to revisit a theme I've created and expanded upon. Since last weekend was the West Sacramento May the Fourth Be With You event, naturally, that'll be the subject of my post today.

First, let's start by looking at my post from last year. Everything I used for this was just too good not to use again. I did change the centerpiece, however. I decided not to focus so much on the jedi vs. dark side theme, but rather provide a little more variety.

R2D2 and C3PO seemed like good subjects, so I went with that. I started with a tall, thin vase, and a short round one. Here was the final result:

Photo Credit: Photo Has Merit
This shows a variety of things you can do for a Star Wars themed event. Here's one of my favorite costumes of the day:
Photo Credit: Thymehadder Photography
I assisted in the coordination for the costume contest (and led the costume parade) for this event and Jayleena, the character she's portraying above, won a couple of awards. The entire event was a lot of fun! Next year it'll be a sci-fi event since the 4th falls on a Monday.

Stay tuned for next week's Theme Thursday! Leave a comment below with your requests.

Until next time...

Lady Autie aka Autra

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