Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring Theme

Welcome to Theme Thursday! Every Thursday I will be posting about a theme that I've been inspired by or a themed wedding/event that I'm currently working on. Today's theme is an attempt at reminding nature that IT'S NOT SUMMER YET!

This theme was inspired by the beautiful and colorful butterfly decor I saw in a grocery store near the beginning of Spring.

Spring is my favorite season, so why not make a themed event of it? My absolute favorite part about it are the gorgeous, blooming flowers. I can't help but take photos. There's such a huge variety of color, too!
Credit: Eclectic Photography aka Me!
Let's start with the invitation. Because that's the first guests may see of your event theme, right? This one isn't mine, but I'd LOVE to create a sunflower shaped invitation! Sunflowers are my favorite (they were in my wedding bouquet)!

 Photo credit: Mospens Studio
Photo credit: Mospens Studio

Around Easter is the only time that I, not only, tolerate pastel colors, I actually enjoy them. This has also given me some inspiration.
Credit: Pinterest
So, I began to think. If I were to put a centerpiece together for a Spring/Easter themed event, how would I do it? Using my inspirations above and good old Pinterest, here's what I came up with.
Credit: Pinterest
I love the vase full of eggs, but I wouldn't use real eggs since it can get messy, not to mention smelly, and can be a lot of work in the long run if you're doing multiple centerpieces. I'd buy plastic eggs and fill them to make them heavy or buy some that are already a good weight. And I would use tulips instead though tulips can be temperamental. Because I'm not a florist, I tend to lean more toward centerpieces that don't use flowers at all. In that case, I'd use small white manzanita branches with lots of butterflies in them. Ones like these:
Credit: Pinterest
These are the ones with the clips in the back, making it easy to clip onto anything. The image above is also a great favor idea. It's a small bag filled with candy, tied off with small ribbon and a butterfly clipped to the top. Tulle circles would be pretty instead of the clear bag, too. The butterflies on the branches would look sort of like this:

Photo credit:
For the guest of honor, a headpiece like in the following photo would be a gorgeous tie-in to the butterflies.
Photo Credit: Farrell Photography Credit: Eclectic Weddings
I hope to be able to put these ideas into action one day! If you'd like more inspiration, take a look at Eclectic Weddings' Pinterest Board. Until next time... ^.^/

Lady Autie aka The Eclectic Sacramento Wedding Planner, Autra

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