Friday, March 15, 2013


Welcome to my new blog! My name is Autra, or you can call me by my internet name, Autie. Here is where I'll be talking about weddings and events I'm planning and giving planning advice along the way, websites I'm working on, and my photography ventures.

Just a tidbit about me and why I call myself "Eclectic." My interests vary widely from books, to writing, to planning events, to technology and this is only the start of the list. I must also mention that I am a proud geek. I have been this way since before it was cool. ;) Ask me about it and I just might write a geek out blog post.

Let's kick off this first post with an engagement party in the works... My own. Oh, did I mention that? I'm also a bride.

We were engaged in Paris. The proposal happened during a dinner cruise on the River Seine as we were passing the brightly lit Eiffel Tower. Ah, it was such a wonderful (and cold!) moment. We were on our 3 week vacation through 4 countries. We want our engagement party to reflect the amazement and joy we felt during that time, so one thing we're planning to do is display the scrapbook we're putting together from the trip.
Since we are hosting our own engagement party and there's not much room in our $20k budget, we want to keep the costs low. (Though traditionally the hosting of the engagement party went to the bride's parents, more couples are opting to host it themselves for one reason or another. Check out this article on The Wedding Channel for more info.) It just so happens that there's a caterer named Addy's Paella that has reasonable prices for their paella pans. This is relevant to our vacation because it was in Barcelona, Spain where we had paella for the first time. Addy's doesn't require a kitchen so this makes it simple to find an inexpensive venue.
The venue search will have to wait until a later post, however. For now, I want to express my excitement for having another outlet for creativity and another medium for interacting with you all!

'Till we meet again,


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